Career, Retirement, or Something in Between

You may be bored with your job and searching for more meaning. Perhaps you long to become an entrepreneur to express your passion and vision.

One of my favorite mentors, Mark Silver, has given me permission to post his newsletter which speaks to becoming an entrepreneur after age 40. Hope you find it useful.

The Three Challenges with Going Into Business Once You’re Older

by Mark Silver

When I look out into the great world of self-employment, many people starting businesses these days are over 40, and some well into their fifties. There are huge advantages to starting a business at that age. Huge. [Read more…]



You have probably heard, read about or even tried gratitude lists before. If you have, or even if the idea is completely new to you, consider writing a gratitude list once a week instead of every day. If a daily list works, keep going! But if you find your list has lost its punch, try writing it less frequently. New studies show that to be most effective, gratitude lists need to be kept innovative. If you find yourself writing the same things over and over, look for new things to be grateful for. [Read more…]