Is This You?

Women in mid-life face a unique set of challenges and opportunities as they move into the third stage of their lives.


Do any of these themes or scenarios ring true to you?

  • Life has been throwing a lot at you. Perhaps someone you loved has died; you’ve recently divorced, or experienced the end of a significant relationship; you have a physical illness that has changed your circumstances;  you’re caring for an aging parent. You are trying to let go of what was, and frankly, it’s difficult.
  • You have a successful career, but your enthusiasm is waning. It’s important that your work is meaningful and you are unsure of the next steps.
  • You’re entering menopause, and the mood swings and hot flashes are driving you crazy. You are unsure about where to turn, unsure about your future direction.
  • You’ve been single for years and worked hard to achieve professional success. But recently, your energy is drained by having to do everything for yourself. In the quiet moments, you feel lonely.
  • You’ve been in a solid marriage and are noticing that the original passion is fading. Both you and your husband are yearning to reconnect with one another and have more joy in your relationship.
  • You’re so very tired of putting your life on hold. Perhaps you have spent a lot of time trying to please others, but now you are really ready to work out what you want to say “Yes” to, and when to say “No.”
  • You are a busy, professional woman, working too hard and wanting more time for the rest of yourlife. You’ve tried working less, but often feel guilty. You yearn for more balance, less stress, and more connection with self.


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