Midlife is about letting go and moving forward.

You may have had a successful career, raised children, had a marriage or a long-term relationship, supported yourself as a single woman, managed a difficult physical illness, or cared for elderly parents.

Perhaps you are considering retirement, or have recently retired, and are eager to make plans for your future.

But Something is Changing

Kids grow up, relationships break down, jobs wear out, or something starts to shift inside you.

You know that sense of uneasiness when it feels like your old dreams don’t fit you anymore. You don’t have a clue about where to go next.

Then it’s easy to start feeling disconnected from yourself, getting stressed more easily, and feeling worry is a constant companion.

So you talk to friends, read self-help books, or try to meditate. But it’s difficult to really quiet your mind and get a perspective.

Time is Flying By

And you yearn to connect with your wisdom, recreate new dreams and let go of the disappointment of old ones.

You know, it’s important for you to slow down and listen to your restlessness.

It takes time and tenderness.

Moving through transition is an unfolding process that requires increased awareness and cannot be rushed. Trying to make things happen too quickly can create overwhelm.

Here’s the good news:

I have helped many women to awaken in midlife, connect with their wisdom and re-envision their dreams.

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“Marty has an amazing ability to hone in on the substance of what I have shared and to help me identify my own thoughts and feelings more clearly. I have made tremendous changes and trust my ability to create joy and endless possibilities.” -Sara Johnson, artist

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