Through the process of coaching you will connect with your authentic self and move toward creating a more joyful, meaningful life.

Life Coaching: Establish your values, clarify your unique purpose, and create a more fulfilling life.

You can focus on a specific area (and sort out some of those niggling issues.) Or you can revamp your entire life.  Or something in between.

Relationship Coaching: Learn the skills necessary to sustain healthy relationships.

Relationships are the backbone of our lives.  You will learn how to communicate effectively, increase positivity, develop intimacy, and resolve other conflicts.

Career coaching: Establish your values, recognize your strengths, and move toward fulfilling your life’s mission.

Finally discover what you want to be when you grow up, and learn meaningful ways to be (or not to be) in the workplace.


My passion is to support women in midlife as they navigate these areas of transition. I work with individuals and groups; I also offer workshops in Burlington, and teleclasses for those further away.

The Coaching Process:

  • In the two-hour intake session, I will help you determine your goals for our work, and you will begin to discover your core values, and the vision you have for your life.  We will establish how we want to work together as collaborative partners for your future.
  • The Coaching Sessions:  Each week will be different.  Sometimes you will be taking new actions, sometimes you will be developing new awareness of your experiences, and sometimes you will be celebrating success!  Some weeks you will have homework that requires taking action; other weeks you will have homework that requires reflection, or simply noticing.
  • Progress: During our intake session you will define two or three benchmarks.  At the end of our work together, we will determine whether your benchmarks have been met.  Between the beginning and end of our work together, I will ask you to create specific weekly action stepping-stones to get you to the benchmarks you established.


If you’re ready to take action, give me a call or send me an emailIf you live in or around the Burlington, Vermont area, you are welcome to come to my office to meet in person.  Otherwise, I’m happy to work with you over the phone, or via Skype.


Curious if we’d be a good fit? Click here to learn more about me, and my background.