Working with Me

I offer coaching services geared toward women in midlife who are struggling with personal, relationship, and/or career challenges. My intention in our work is to create a very safe, nonjudgmental, and honest environment where you can discover your authentic self.  You will laugh, learn, be challenged, and ultimately grow.


With my approach to awakening at midlife, you will:

  • Reconnect with your spirit, experience less stress, and feel renewed. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your life by slowing down, stepping back, and developing a clear vantage point on your current situation.
  • Gain clarity, and generate energy to feel the satisfaction of a life well lived. You will create a clear vision for your future; one that aligns with your unique values and connects with your inner knowing.
  • Experience the joy of doing the things you have been putting off for “later.” You will develop a powerful method for creating new dreams and letting go of dreams past.
  • Wake up each morning with a sense of wonder and gratitude by learning the four steps to overcoming obstacles.
  • Be who you are, without pretending and trying to please others. Playfully experiment with new ways of being in the world.
  • Discover the secrets to experiencing life fully as you age. As you stop resisting the inevitable physical and emotional changes that are a normal part of your life cycle, you will experience fewer struggles and more joy.
  • Be present in the joy of the moment with a practice that accesses your mind-body-spirit wisdom.
  • Enhance your relationship with self, others, and the world by incorporating an attitude of compassion and loving kindness into your life.


As you move through this process I will provide you with essential support; you will feel empowered as you embark on, and continue your journey.  I will hold you accountable for your progress; enabling you to realize accomplishments you never dreamed possible.


Are you curious about how the coaching process can help you move forward? If so, sign up for a FREE Midlife Strategy Session.